Sunday, March 22, 2009

9x12 Inch Graphite: Daniel Bridges

I Completed this some time in December of 08' its called The Doctor Viewing. It makes me think about our health care how our doctors in my eyes are puppets to the massive multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry. Just another evil corporate industry that is ignoring natural and renewable solutions (mj) to our health and mental problems, yet instead they are sedating our youth and pumping our mind and body full of foreign chemicals with unknown future reprecutions. I think its time we all start questioning what these profit driven pharmaceudical companies motives really are and if what they are giving us is even benefitial to our bodys in the first place or just masking a problem and giving even more unwanted side effects.


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  1. well said.. the pharmaceutical companies care more about money than health. Great interpretation through art. i'm digging this sketch.